Security in Gold During Tough Political and Economic Times

Written by Ian Davis – Bullion Manager • Last updated 19 Aug 2019

Between the ever-present threat of recession, war, the collapse of banking systems and social unrest, you cannot begin to feel that your wealth wrapped up in such a system could be at risk.

If you pay close attention to the media and market information you will notice that when tensions do rise that the more media articles on gold are published and the interest in such an asset increase. Often this interest leads to an increase in price which means investing before the proverbial hits the fan is usually a good idea. Just take a look what has occurred in the past 3 months (May - August 2019) as trade war tensions rise between the US and China, war mongering continues in the Middle East and a global economic downturn looks to be underway.

Recent 3 Months Gold Price

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