2022 Australian Bullion Coins Revealed!

Author: Amy Billington - Content Editor

Published: 20 Aug 2021

Last Updated: 2 Mar 2023


We're excited to bring you the first look at the 2022 bullion coins from The Perth Mint! We're looking at all the upcoming releases, including the lunar tigers, kookaburras, kangaroos, koalas and more!

2022 Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger

The first releases in the new bullion programme are the Chinese lunar coins! For those who are unfamiliar with the lunar series, each coin honours an animal from the 12-year Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Perth Mint started their first lunar series back in 1996, which was an instant hit amongst collectors.

The 2022 coins are set to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, which begins on 1st February 2022. The tiger is the third animal in the lunar cycle and, coincidentally, this is the third time the Perth Mint has issued a Year of the Tiger coin! It was part of their first lunar series in 1998, and again in 2010 as part of the second series.

Now for the 2022 coins! As per usual, we have two new designs to look at; one for gold and one for silver...

2022 Gold Year of the Tiger

This new reverse design features a ferocious tiger stood on a rock peak. The Chinese character for tiger can be found to the left of it, with the inscription 'TIGER 2022' and the Perth Mint's 'P' mintmark. It was designed by Monique Reeves, who you may remember designed the 2021 koala coins

If you do collect the lunar coins, you might want to look out for the 1 oz in particular. Unlike the rest of the coins, which are produced on a mint-to-order basis, the 1 oz has a maximum mintage of 30,000 coins. For this reason, the 1 oz lunar coins are often the most in-demand and usually the first to sell out. 

These 2022 coins will be available to purchase from Monday 13th September 2022. 

2022 Silver Year of the Tiger

This silver coin is already a firm favourite amongst our staff! Designed by Jennifer McKenna, it shows a parent and baby cub walking on some rocks, with bamboo and ferns in the background. 

The tiger coins will be available in several sizes starting from 0.5 oz. Again, the 1 oz coin has a limited mintage figure, with a maximum of 300,000 coins. 

The pièce de résistance is definitely the 10 kilo version! Containing 321.51 troy ounces of silver and with a diameter of 221mm (yes, it's really THAT big!) only 100 of these coins will be struck. Those familiar with our YouTube Channel may have seen some of their previous offerings, including the 2018 10kg Year of the Dog. As in recent years, we expect the 10 kilo coins won't be released until early to mid-2022.

These 2022 coins (excluding the 10kg) will be available to purchase from Monday 13th September 2022. 

2022 Kookaburras

The Perth Mint have produced silver kookaburra coins since 1991. Now in its 31st year, the coins are still going strong! Let's see what the 2022 design has to offer...

2022 Silver Kookaburras

We really like this design! It shows a kookaburra on an ornamental birdbath among Agapanthus flowers. It was designed by artist, Natasha Muhl, who is no stranger to coin design. Muhl was responsible for both the 2015 Year of the Goat and 2021 gold kangaroo designs. 

The 2022 kookaburras feature a special security feature - a micro-engraved letter within the design. It's so small you'll need a magnifying glass to find it!

These coins will be available to purchase from Monday 11th October. 

2022 Gold & Silver Kangaroos

Next, we have the kangaroos - or 'nuggets'. Why nuggets when they feature kangaroos on them? The answer is simple - when introduced in 1986 the coins featured famous nuggets of gold on the reverse. Maybe there weren't that many nuggets to choose from, because in 1990 the Perth Mint changed the design to feature kangaroos, with the occasional wallaby. 

2022 Gold Kangaroos

Unlike the silver kangaroos, the reverse of the gold coins changes each year. The 2022 coins were designed by Neil Hollis, and portray a kangaroo and a joey bounding over a plain.  Hollis previously designed the 2018 kangaroos. 

To the right of the design you can see the word 'Kangaroo' and it's worth pointing out that this is in a new font that hasn't been used previously on the coins. The same style can be found on the 2022 koalas and kookaburras. We think this is a nice touch, as it brings the different designs together. 

These coins will be available to purchase from Monday 15th November. 

2022 Silver Kangaroos

As in previous years, the silver kangaroos feature the iconic red kangaroo design by Dr Stuart Devlin. The design is still used on the 1kg gold kangaroos.

If you're not aware, the silver kangaroos are one of the only Perth Mint coins that do not come in capsules. For this reason, they're often the lowest priced of the bullion series. The coins have a matte finish so they don't show the general wear and tear a lot of the shinier bullion coins show. The coins come in tubes of 25, and monster boxes of 250 coins. Most silver monster boxes contain 500 coins, so you could say this is a 'joey box'. 

These coins will be available to purchase from Monday 15th November. 

2022 Koalas

The Perth Mint began their koala coin series in 2007. Although various weights including 0.5 oz and 10 oz have been issued, today the coins are only produced in 1 oz and 1 kg versions.

2022 Silver Koalas

The new reverse features Ing Ing Jong's design of a sleepy koala on the branch of a eucalyptus tree. You may notice that the finish on the 1 oz coins has changed. It's now matte - making them the same as the 1 kilo version of the coin. We're excited to see what this new finish looks like in person. 

These coins will be available to purchase from Monday 10th January.


And there we have it! A lot of new coins to think about. Luckily (at the time of writing) we're less than 2 weeks away from the first coins being released on Monday 13th September! 

What do you think about the new designs? Let us know your thoughts on our socials - Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We also post new releases and up-to-date coin news on there, so make sure you're following us so you don't miss out!

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