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The Silver Market - Information and Live Prices

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 9 May 2018

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2018

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If you’re thinking about investing in precious metals, or have already started building your portfolio, no doubt you will have started to keep a close eye on the spot price and other market factors. The live spot prices is easily available on our website for you to view. This allows you to see what is happening with the prices of all precious metals. It is a good idea to follow the financial markets, as this will often have an effect on the live prices. We are often asked if silver will go up or down. We do not have psychic powers and we will never say it is going up or down, we can only say whether it has gone up or down. If we could predict what will happen, we would be magicians. What we can tell you is to do what we do, watch the factors that drive the price of precious metals. This could be a single element or a combination of the following: Geopolitics, Inflation, Interest Rates, Economic Data, Currency Fluctuations, Terrorism/Wars and Natural Disasters.

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