Silver Britannia Coin Information and Technical Specification

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 9 Nov 2018

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2021


Here, we look at some of the technical aspects of one of the UK's most collectible coins.

Silver Britannia Coin Information and Technical Specification 402

Technical Specification

Silver Britannia Technical Specification

Size Face Value Diameter Weight Alloy Silver Content Silver Content
    mms. Grams /1.000 Grams Troy Ounces
One Ounce (1997 - 2012) 2 Pound 40.00 mm 32.45 grams .958 31.10 grams 1.0000
Half Ounce (1997 - 2012) 1 Pound 27.00 mm 16.22 grams .958 15.55 grams 0.5000
Quarter Ounce (1997 - 2012) 50 Pence 22.00 mm 8.11 grams .958 7.77 grams 0.2500
Tenth Ounce (1997 - 2012) 20 Pence 16.50 mm 3.24 grams .958 3.10 grams 0.1000
One Ounce (2013 - Present) 2 Pounds 38.61 mm 31.21 grams .999 31.10 grams 1.0000 
Half Ounce (2013 - Present) 1 Pound 27.00 mm 15.71 grams .999 15.69 grams 0.5000 
Quarter Ounce (2013 - Present) 50 Pence 22.00 mm 7.86 grams .999 7.85 grams 0.2500 
Tenth Ounce (2013 - Present) 20 Pence 16.50 mm 3.15 grams .999 3.10 grams 0.1000 
Twentieth Ounce (2013 - Present) 10 Pence 12.00 mm 1.58 grams .999 1.578 grams 0.0500
Twenty-fifth Ounce (2014- Present) 5 Pence 8.00 mm 0.8 grams .999 0.799 grams 0.0400

Britannia & The Lion

Another new design of Britannia is that on the 2001 gold and silver Britannias. This shows Britannia standing beside a lion, in a portrayal reminiscent of the Una & the Lion £5 gold coins of 1839.

According to the Royal Mint:

"This year's Britannia Gold and Silver Proof and Silver Bullion coins bear an exciting new reverse design, the third image of Britannia by Philip Nathan. The 2001 design combines Britannia with the British Lion and, to make Britannia even more British, depicting her dress and helmet as North European in style rather than South European. The vertical form of the figure of Britannia is matched by the lettering, giving the name Britannia, the weight of the coin and the date 2001. The design is anchored by the lion as the two figures move purposefully forward with a sense of unity and inseparability. The obverse bears the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Her Majesty the Queen with the legal tender value of each coin below the portrait."

Various Britannia Coin Designs

For 2003, the Britannia features another new design, this time a helmeted head of Britannia, and a wave pattern superimposed. It reminds us of a jigsaw!


2003 Helmeted Head

In 2005, the Royal Mint introduced a further "new" design, this time a seated Britannia, reminding us of the earliest representation of Britannia on any coin:


2005 Seated Britannia


2007 Britannia Seated with Lion


2008 Britannia Standing at the Seaside

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