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M - Madrid

1787 Gold Spain 1 Escudo Madrid Carlos III

Carlos III  (Charles III) Spanish 1 escudo gold coin, minted in Madrid in the year of 1787. It has a crowned M mintmark on the reverse underneth the shield slightly to the left of centre. Assayer DV, Domingo Antonio Lopez and Vicente Campos Gonzalez. 


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More Info

More Info


Carlos III (Charles III) facing right. Obverse Legend CAROL·III·D·G· HISPAN·ETIND
·R· ·1787·


Crowned arms in the collar of The Golden Fleece. Reverse Legend FELIX·A·D

Coin Specification

Diameter 17-18mm
Weight 3.38g
Fineness 0.8750
Actual Gold Weight 0.0951 oz
Mint Madrid

KM #416.1a