One (1) Ounce Best Value Gold Coin Bullion Secondary Market

One (1) Ounce Best Value Gold Coin Bullion Secondary Market

The coins sent will be a selection of our choosing from a large range of one ounce gold bullion coins. These will be secondary market coins of our choice of date. 

Each coin contains one Troy ounce of gold.


As we are constantly buying and selling one ounce gold coins, our stock levels may vary considerably. Occasionally, when placing an order for secondary market coins, you may experience a delay. We will try to fulfil orders as soon as possible and if required we can post out an invoice upon cleared payment. These are sold as an investment product and are non-refundable. For more information please read our Terms and Conditions. 

From £977.50

Stock status
Quantity Premium % Price
1 2.5 £987.13
2 2.4 £986.16
5 2.25 £984.72
10 2 £982.31
25 1.9 £981.35
50 1.85 £980.87
100 1.6 £978.46
500+ 1.5 £977.50

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You have found our cheapest deal for 1 ounce coins on our site! You will receive coins of our choice, often selected from Krugerrands, Nuggets, Lunars, Philharmonicas, Eagles, Pandas and Britannias but could be any other recognised one ounce bullion coin.

By buying "our choice" of coin, it allows us a little more flexibility, and to give you gold bullion at the lowest price.

The coins shown are of a €100 Philharmonica produced by the Austrian Mint, an Australian gold kangaroos (also known as a nugget), a Britannia produce by the Royal Mint, and a South African Kugerrand. We have shown them for illustration purposes but they may not represent the coins that you receive. If you want a specific year or type of coin please call one of our friendly members of staff or browse our other pages.

The coins shown are for illustration purposes and may not be the coin you receive. If you want a specific or type of coin please call us or look on our other pages.