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Henry I Hammered Silver Penny

Henry I Silver Hammered Penny. These coins was struck during the reign of Henry I (1100 - 1135) and are one of only two denominations (the other is the halfpenny) issued during his reign.


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More Info

Reign of Henry I

William II (third child of William I) never married and left no heir to the throne. Upon his death the crown went to his younger brother Henry, the fourth child of William I.

Henry had two children with his wife, but is known to have fathered many illegitmate children; historians have estimated around 20 - 25! 

Coinage Reform of Henry I

The public were sceptical of the quality of coinage being produced and therefore took to testing the coins themselves. To prevent damaged coins being rejected by vendors, the government ordered all new coins have an incision made into the side of them, commonly referred to as 'snick'. By purposefully damaging the new coins it meant people had no choice but to accept them, and all damaged coins, as payment. Henry ensured harsh punishment was given to anyone found debasing his currency. 

To tackle the poor production quality of the coins, the government got rid of many of the moneyers in 1124. As the standards increased, so did the publics confidence in the coins. 


Issuing Monarch George IV (1820 - 1830)
Issuing Monarch Henry I (1100-1135)
CountryUnited Kingdom