One (1) Ounce Gold Coin Crown Bullion

One (1) Ounce Gold Coin Crown Bullion

Since the release of the first coin in 1988, the Isle of Man Manx Cat series has become one of the most popular gold bullion series in the world. Our choice of year will be supplied for which we offer more flexible pricing. We have a small range of dates available. Please call us if you are interested in a specific date and we will try to help.

From £1,066.22

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1 12 £1,078.25
2 11.5 £1,073.44
5 11.25 £1,071.03
10+ 10.75 £1,066.22

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Abyssinians look like the sacred cats depicted in ancient Egyptian paintings. Abyssinians of today have an inquisitive, playful nature. They are generally very energetic cats, and enjoy hunting.

Features Queen Elizabeth II with the date of the coin and the words 'Elizabeth II Isle Of Man'

The reverse is of a different cat design each year which make the coins very popular as people like to collect all the designs.