What is the Price of a Britannia Coin?

Author: Ian Davis - Bullion Manager

Published: 3 Jan 2019

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2021


There are several prices and values an investor should make themselves familiar with - the spot price based on the live gold price, product premiums, buy prices and selling prices. These can change based on the product as we illustrate below:

Minty Silver Britannia Our Choice of Year

Current Britannia Prices

Product Name Intrinsic Price (Spot Price) Premium Buy Price Sell Price
1 oz Gold Britannia Coin Bullion Best Value - Secondary Market £1,476.94 from 2.8% from £1,518.29 £1,462.17
Gold 1 oz Britannia Bullion Coin - Minty £1,476.94 from 3% from £1,521.25 £1,462.17
Silver 1 oz Britannia Coin - Minty £16.11 30% £22.94 £16.11

The buy and sell price forms the trading margin or spread that you will read about on our blogs, forums and investment pages and maximising this ratio allows you to be most profitable in your investments. Proof coins and those considered collectable pieces will carry a higher buy premium and often selling prices will be higher to. If you wish to buy or sell these, we recommend you call us on 01253 343081

Numismatic Value of a Britannia

Many countries now issue a one ounce bullion coin, to be sold at a very low premium over the intrinsic gold value. The British version is the Britannia. Gold Britannias were introduced in 1987, in four weights from one ounce to fractional sizes of half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce. Silver Britannias followed in 1997 and we discuss all of these below. 

Britannias must rank amongst the world's most beautiful bullion coins. Both proof and bullion versions have been issued every year from 1987, although most of the proof coins are only available as part of complete sets.

In 1987, the Royal Mint released the Britannia to meet the growing demand for bullion. The Britannia coin would rival the South African Krugerrand and United States Eagle bullion coins. The aim was to have a British investment coin which would be sold at a low premium over the intrinsic metal value.

The Britannia has only been around since 1987 and has not had time to become a real numismatic collectors piece such as a sovereign or guinea. That said they are a very popular bullion coin and with the introduction of the silver version the coin appealed to any ever wider investor base. You can view our dedicated page on both gold and silver britannias and see how the designs have varied over time. We also have a page for Britannia designs if you are intersted in reading more. 

The gold Britannia coin changed from 22 carat to 24 carat in 2013 in what we beleive is a bid to appeal to more investors although the overall gold content remained unchanged. 

Face Value of a Britannia & Tech Spec

Britannia coins are legal tender in the UK and carry the benefit of a capital gains tax exemption. The face value differs between gold and silver and we include both technical specifications below for compariosn:

Gold Britannia Technical Specification

Size Face Value Diameter Weight Alloy Gold Content Gold Content
    mms. Grams /1.000 Grams Troy Ounces
One Ounce (1987 - 2012) £100 32.69 34.0500 .917 31.104 1.0000
One Ounce (2013) £100 38.61 31.2100 .9999 31.104 1.0000
One Ounce (2014 - to present) £100 32.69 31.2100 .9999 31.104 1.0000
Half £50 27.00 17.0250 .917 15.552 0.5000
Quarter £25 22.00 8.5130 .917 7.776 0.2500
Tenth £10 16.50 3.4120 .917 3.110 0.1000

The 1/12th of the alloy which is not gold, is copper for issues until 1989, and silver from 1990.


Silver Britannia Technical Specification

Size Face Value Diameter Weight Alloy Silver Content Silver Content
    mms. Grams /1.000 Grams Troy Ounces
One Ounce (1997 - 2012) 2 Pound 40.00 mm 32.45 grams .958 31.10 grams 1.0000
Half Ounce (1997 - 2012) 1 Pound 27.00 mm 16.22 grams .958 15.55 grams 0.5000
Quarter Ounce (1997 - 2012) 50 Pence 22.00 mm 8.11 grams .958 7.77 grams 0.2500
Tenth Ounce (1997 - 2012) 20 Pence 16.50 mm 3.24 grams .958 3.10 grams 0.1000
One Ounce (2013 - Present) 2 Pounds 38.61 mm 31.21 grams .999 31.10 grams 1.0000 
Half Ounce (2013 - Present) 1 Pound 27.00 mm 15.71 grams .999 15.69 grams 0.5000 
Quarter Ounce (2013 - Present) 50 Pence 22.00 mm 7.86 grams .999 7.85 grams 0.2500 
Tenth Ounce (2013 - Present) 20 Pence 16.50 mm 3.15 grams .999 3.10 grams 0.1000 
Twentieth Ounce (2013 - Present) 10 Pence 12.00 mm 1.58 grams .999 1.578 grams 0.0500
Twenty-fifth Ounce (2014- Present) 5 Pence 8.00 mm 0.8 grams .999 0.799 grams 0.0400


Advantages of a Britannia

The great advantage of Britannias is that they come as one ounce bullion coins as live gold price is quoted per troy ounce it is easy to value and trade. Comparison with other popular one ounce coins such as Britannias and Maples are also easy. For the serious investor who is expecting to see profits over the capital gains tax threshold can benefit from Britannia coins as they are exxempt! Any volume of Brtiannia disposal will not contrinute at all to you CGT liability.

Not only this the designs are intersting, they are available in gold and silver and even a number of fractional bullion sizes. Serious investors as well as the hobby investor can find a coin to suit their budgets and needs and you can always expect good buy back prices as these are popular coins!

Disadvantages of a Britannia

I am struggling to think of a disadvantage to the Britannia coin apart from the fact fractional sizes will attract a higher premium than the one ounce coins. My advice would be to try and strech to the one ounce coins and even get into the price breaks to see the premium reduced.

Britannias for Sale

We have a dedicated page for our full online Britannia catalogue. Alternatively, we have a dedicated bullion Britannia page

Bullion coins will be in normal acceptable condition. While some may be in near mint condition others will show considerable wear. All will be guaranteed genuine, and in reasonable condition. Please do not expect bullion coins to be in selected condition, for this you would need to buy selected grade coins.

Here are two bullion Britannias available to buy from this page:

Gold 1 oz Britannia Bullion Coin - Minty

Minty Gold Britannia Our Choice of Year

Quantity Premium % Total

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Silver 1 oz Britannia Coin - Minty

Minty Silver Britannia Our Choice of Year

You can follow these links to modern bullion gold coins, such as Britannias, sovereigns, maples, philharmonikers, eagles, and kangaroo nuggets.

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