Silver Bullion Coins & Bars

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 20 Nov 2018

Last Updated: 25 Feb 2020

Silver Bars

In the UK, silver bullion bars are subject to VAT, which removes much of their investment potential. In addition, the production cost of silver ingots is relatively higher than for gold bars. We would recommend gold bars or coins, which are now exempt from VAT, and which we offer on on this site!

For information, silver bullion bars are invariably .999 silver, which means 999 parts per thousand pure.

We do sometimes have a small selection of special 1 ounce bars, minted with different commemorative themes or hand poured.

The most common size of bars we get are:-

  • One Kilo
  • Ten Ounces
  • One Ounce - Usually small decorative bars.

Silver Bars Plus VAT

We can now get a regular supply of silver bars on a plus VAT basis, which would be useful for any VAT registered person or business. Please see our One Kilo Silver Bars page.

Silver Bars Without VAT

We also supply silver bars without VAT but these must be stored outside of the UK - if you are interested please read this page on VAT free silver

Silver Bullion Coins

We list a variety of silver bullion coins on our Silver Bullion Coins page.

We sell these by type and by date. On most of them, we also offer lower prices for bulk buyers. Because there is VAT on silver coins in the UK and EU, silver bullion coins are not as attractive an investment as gold bullion coins, which are now exempt from VAT.

Often, we are able to offer second-hand silver bullion coins, at an inclusive price, the only VAT being on our small margin. We can offer these at an attractive price provided they are bought as bullion coins, not collectors coins. By this we mean that we supply whatever we have available at the time, the buyer does not get a choice of date or type. Most coins will not be in strict uncirculated condition, but none will be badly worn or damaged.

Maria Theresa Silver Bullion Coins

We describe Maria Theresa Thalers on their own page.

As with the modern ten ounce silver bullion coins, we occasionally have quantities of "second-hand" Maria Theresa Thalers. Again, these are usually not strict uncirculated coins, they will have some scuffing or bag marking, but will not be circulated or badly damaged.

All will be dated 1780, but are official restrikes.

We will repeat their specifications here, as you will see, they contain almost exactly 3/4 troy ounces of pure silver:-

Diameter 39.5 mm
Silver Content 833.3 / 1000
Copper Content 166.6 / 1000
Total Weight 28.0668 grams
Fine Weight (Actual Silver Content) 23.3890 grams
Fine Weight (Actual Silver Content) 0.7520 ounces

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