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Storing Silver

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 9 May 2018

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2021

Accessing Your Investment 

You are investing hundreds and thousands of pounds and have plenty in bank accounts, then the chances of you needing to sell some of your silver for an emergency is slim. However, there may be times that you may need you to dip into your investment. In this case it is can be better to sell a number of smaller coins or bars rather than a one kilo bar or coin. This way you can control your investment and sell as little or as much as you like.

Physical Silver

Most of our customers prefer to physically hold their silver investment. In times of economic uncertainty, it makes sense to protect your wealth by owning silver and gold. When you buy bullion from Chard, you can rest assured that the coins and bars that you buy will be your property.

Secure Storage At Chard

If you ask your insurers about adding your investment silver to your household insurance you will be asked a number of questions including the value and where you will store it. You may be asked to buy a safe and install an alarm system to the insurer’s specifications. We can take away the hassle of secure storage when you store your investment silver - and gold - in our fully insured secure vaults. Our facilities are fully insured and your bullion will be covered at the live metal price, so if the price goes up, you will be automatically covered at the correct amount. For only 0.6% excl VAT, you can store your silver bullion at Chard. It doesn’t matter whether you have bought the coins and bars from us or not. 

Storing Silver

VAT free silver

We can now offer VAT free silver coins and bars for storage overseas. 

Furthermore, if you decide to sell your silver to Chard, we will buy it back at a higher premium than in our showroom or by post. 

Please ask one of our members of staff for more details or visit our webpage On-Site Vault Storage.

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