Gold's Portability and Worldwide Value

Written by Ian Davis – Bullion Manager • Last updated 19 Aug 2019


Gold Is Dense and Portable

You can't exactly take your house around the world with you and exchange it for other commodities in a far distant land. As physical gold is something you physically own, can take receipt of and transport with ease (as it is very compact and dense) it is very easy to take this with you across the world.

Gold Fits Into Your Hand Luggage

Across the globe, gold is seen as a valuable and sought-after item and as such regardless of where you are it will maintain its value.

Cashing in gold elsewhere in the world means you can bypass a single currency and avoid dependency on those that are at high risk of devaluation and inflation. As gold comes in many forms and different sizes your investment can be broken up into much smaller pieces in the form of coins and smaller bars. This means you can even transport part of your investment around with you instead of the whole thing. 

Rothschild 100 Gram Gold Bar

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