Do I Pay VAT On Silver

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 9 May 2018

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2019

Do I Pay VAT On Silver?

Yes, if you are buying silver in the UK, you will pay the standard rate of VAT on investment silver bullion. This is currently set at 20%

What Is VAT Free Silver?

Silver VAT Free

Silver free of VAT can only be delivered or stored outside of the EU. For this reason you will only find this option available for storage on our website. If you are unitersted in physically holding your silver bullion then this is a good option for you as you can immediately save 20% on the price of a new silver bar. Our preferred method is to own physical bullion and we would encourage others to do the same but if you intend to buy a lot of silver you may find you need significant domestic storage facilities. 

Tax Free Silver

The majority of silver bars and silver coins attract VAT in the UK if you opt for physical deliver. Silver Britannias, silver British lunar and silver Queen’s Beast coins, are British legal tender and are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (C.G.T.)

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