2016 Whole Coin Set UK Baby Pack

2016 Whole Coin Set UK Baby Pack

The Royal Mint My First Coin & Baby Journal was released on 4th January, 2016. We received our first delivery on 25th January, 2016. The set contains a 1 of each - £2 Britannia, a £1 shield, partial shields of arms for the 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p all of which entered circulation. The pack comes with a certificate.


Please note that due to low stock these are one per household. All additional orders will be automatically refunded.


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Each year since 1982 the British Royal Mint has produced sets of brilliant uncirculated coins, usually containing the eight circulating coins, from the two pounds to the penny, but sometimes an extra fifty pence or £2 if there were any commemorative versions issued that year. According to the Royal Mint, they only started producing the "Baby Gift Packs" in 1987. At first there were separate pink and blue versions, but from 1991, they switched to a single "unisex" version. The coins in the baby gift pack are specially examined and selected before packaging. They are all superior to the mass produced coins which are made for circulation because of the absence of bag marks and scratches. The mint coin sets often contain coins which were not issued for circulation in that year, so these are quite rare. Some collectors and dealers split mint coin sets to get the one or two denomination they want for that date. Because the baby gift packs get given as gifts to babies, we do not often get older sets from previous years, and when they do turn up on the secondary market, they are often lightly tatty for obvious reasons.