2004 Whole Coin Set Britannia - Four (4) Coins Proof

2004 Whole Coin Set Britannia - Four (4) Coins Proof

Available now from stock. The proof Britannia gold sets are usually released each year in August or later. The silver Britannias were released earlier this year, and we correctly guesed that the gold proof Britannias would also be issued earlier than normal. In fact we were told they would be released by the end of May, although we suspected it may be early June before we actually got deliveries.


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For the patient collector, many of the older sets which we offer represent a very good deal as they are at considerable savings compared with purchasing the current year's set direct from the Royal Mint. Britannia proof sets have been issued every year since 1987. In 2000, they went on sale around August, and the issue limit of 750 sets sold out by October.