Gold's Historical and Ongoing Performance

Written by Ian Davis – Bullion Manager • Last updated 10 Dec 2018

Since 2007 gold has been on the increase rising steadily through the banking crisis to a peak in 2011 and it has remained fairly high since. The periodic political upheavals, such as but not limited to, Brexit and Donald Trumps presidency have an impact on gold price where we often see an increase and buyers rushing in or as was the case with Brexit we saw a lot of people selling gold. Often when there is a significant change in price both buyers and sellers rush to take advantage.

Historical performance is not, however, a predictor for the future price of the yellow metal. We advise all of our customers to research their gold investment plan thoroughly and not use a single source of information. We publish all of our advice in our gold investment advice section on our blog, we also offer a live price graph with historical data back to the 19th century and offer a range of best value products for those interested in buying gold right now. 

If you are a firm believer that political and economic uncertainty pushes the price of gold up it would appear that now is a good time to invest. Everywhere we look be it in the print media or online there appears to be no end in sight to political upheavals, wars and global financial crisis. With this said gold price looks likely to remain buoyant and should be a viable option for your investment portfolio.



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