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George VI Gold Sovereign Information

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 15 Feb 2018

Last Updated: 20 Jul 2020


Gold sovereign coins were not always as widespread as they appear today. A popular investment choice, the modern sovereign bullion coins enjoy a new release each year, however this was not always the case. 

George VI Sovereign Coins

No gold sovereign coins were issued for circulation during the reign of George VI, but bullion sovereigns were minted in 1949, 1951 and 1952 using 1925 dies in the name of George V and these are referred to as official restrikes. The phrase "restrike" is often euphemistically and dishonestly used for fakes but should not be confused. We believe that the restrikes can be distinguished from the originals by the more pronounced rim around the edge of the coin.

1925  George VI Gold Sovereign Coin

George VI 1925 Gold Sovereign Coin

A limited number of proof sovereigns were, however, issued as part of a four coin gold proof or specimen set, for the coronation in 1937. Click here to view our product range for 1937 coins. 

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All our coins are guaranteed genuine, and we try to grade reasonably conservatively. For customers ordering by post, we want you to be delighted when you receive your coin. We thrive on repeat business and recommendation.

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