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Author: Ian Davis - Chief Operations Officer

Published: 28 Jul 2022

Last Updated: 7 Nov 2023


This page provides information on payment methods;

Customers can opt to pay in GBP,USD and EUR. We offer an exchange rate on our website, which allows you to change the currency before checkout.

International customers may have longer payment clearing times than UK customers and may be subject to bank fees.

Payment Options Available

Chards accept a full range of payment methods to suit your needs

  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Cheque

Debit Card 


We accept debit cards for orders up to the value of £10,000 which have Mastercard SecureCode / Verified by Visa set up. If you do not have this facility, you will be re-directed to your bank on your first payment transaction. This is an extra security feature for both you and us which is necessary due to the nature of the business. 

Orders paid for by debit card will only be dispatched to the registered billing address of the card. The order will only be accepted if the cardholder name matches the name on the order form. We may ask for additional confirmation, in the form of photographic identification, in order to prove your identity and your registered address. 

If you wish to pay for your order online and collect from our showroom you MUST bring your payment card and two forms of identification;

  • Passport
  • Photo driving license 
  • Utility bill with your current name and address, dated within the last three months.  
  • Birth Certificate


You may pay by debit card in our showroom. We would advise contacting your bank prior to the payment to speed up the process of authorisation.  

If you wish to place a bullion order over the phone, you can speak to one of our friendly team members. You will receive a payment link (via email) which will then re-direct you to pay by debit card online.  

There are no charges for debit card payments.  

Bank Transfer

You may place your order online and opt to pay by bank transfer. Payment must be set up immediately to fix the price, using your full name or order number as the reference. Alternatively, you may contact us by phone or visit our showroom to place an order.

Any payments not received within 24 hours of your order being placed may be cancelled / refunded / re-dealt and may be subject to an administration fee as per our Terms.

We will allow up to 3 working days for international payments. Please note that international payments will be subject to an administration fee of £10.

We will allow 24 hours for any bank transfer payments to clear.

Orders paid for via bank transfer may be sent to an alternative delivery address. There are no charges for bank transfers if your bank account is a part of the faster payments scheme. 

Deposits, Pre-funding & Same Day Transfers

All orders over £50,000 require a minimum 10% deposit to fix the price and can be paid by debit card (where less than £10,000) or bank transfer.  This will ensure that your price remains fixed in the event of banks limiting daily transactions. Payment must be set up immediately and the remaining balance must be paid within 48 hours. Please contact us if you are unable to do this. 

Customer can choose to pre-fund accounts in two ways. The first option is to deposit fiat currency with us and we hold this in our client account. The second is to buy metal on account over the course of a few days or weeks to complete your purchase. Buying metal on account allows you to take advantage of opportune metal pricing rather than waiting to fix a future price once you reach a sufficient fiat currency balance. 

Please note that most same day / CHAPS payments have a fee of approximately £20 and a cut off time of 2:30pm. Please check with your own branch for more information. 


You can select the cheque payment method online once you have placed your order. Alternatively, you may also place an order over the phone or within our showroom and pay by cheque. Please note we allow 8 working days clearing for UK cheques

Cheques MUST be sent by 1st class post the same day the order is placed. Any cheques received after 24 hours of your order being placed (or with a post mark dated after your order) may be cancelled / refunded / re-dealt and subject to an administration fee. Orders for payment via cheque must therefore be placed before the last post has been collected within your area.  

We are currently not accepting US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Euro cheques for the foreseeable future. 

Please make cheques payable to "Chard 1964 Ltd" 

There is no charge for cheque payments.  


Identification is required on all cash transactions.

Cash can be paid at our showroom or into our bank account at any Barclays branch, providing we have provided you with a paying in slip. Please note that payment should be received within 24 hours, so it is advised you ask us to provide you with a paying in slip before an order is placed. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for cash payments, however there is an added benefit of no additional charge for this payment method.

We do not recommend sending cash through the post as it could be lost in the post or stolen. We recommend that instead you visit our showroom at Chards, where you can speak to our customer service experts that will help assist you through every step of the process.

Credit Cards 

Unfortunately, we have decided against accepting credit cards.  This is due to an EU directive which came into force on 13 January 2018, companies are banned from charging any fees or surcharges on credit card payments. This is partly to make credit card payments more competitive as currently some EU member states are allowed to apply surcharges to transactions and some member states are not. 

Selling to Chard 

If you wish to sell to us, you may want to visit our showroom or you can alternatively post your goods via fully insured delivery. We offer three payment options. Please note that we do not provide any third party payments.

Bank Transfer 

  • This will be set up the same day and can take up to three working days to show in your account. We will need your account number and sort code which can be including on our "Sell to Chards" form
  • Occasionally, circumstances beyond our control may result in your payment being delayed. You will be notified at the time of sale if this is the case. 
  • There is no charge.
  • Please note, as of 28th November 2019, our bank details have changed. Please contact us for more information. 


  • This is a same day instant payment with a charge of £20. If you wish to have this payment method, please tick the relevant box on our "Sell to Chards" form. All prices must be confirmed before 2:30pm for CHAPS payments to be processed. 
  • Please note CHAPS payments may not always be available. 


  • Cash can be offered with no charge if we have the funds on the premises. However, cash transactions over £1,000 may be subject to a 1% cash fee. 
  • All investment gold cash transactions require photo identification. Cash transactions around £5,000 or more will require two forms of identification, one of these being a photo ID and the other being a recent utility bill dated within the last 3 months, with your current name and address on. 
  • We reserve the right to request identification for any investment silver transactions.
  • For more information on investment purchases, click here.

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