Why Buy Secondary Market Sovereigns?

Written by Lawrence Chard - Company Director and Expert Numismatist • Last updated 4 Dec 2018

Well, the cheapest way to buy gold sovereigns is to buy our secondary market sovereigns. These are our lowest premium sovereign coins which are the best choice for investors wanting to buy sovereigns at the lowest price.

What Are Secondary Market Sovereigns? 

Basically, a secondary market sovereign is a second-hand sovereign which is sold at a low margin above the gold spot price. They can be called pre-owned, second-hand or secondary market sovereigns. They may feature any monarch, from Victoria Young Head to Elizabeth II. We think it is a great way to combine investment gold with numismatic interest.  


These British gold coins may have some small scuffs, edge knocks or show signs of wear. If a coin has been in jewellery, is polished or damaged we would either sell this as Grade C sovereigns or scrap it. 

Why Are Secondary Market Sovereigns So Cheap?

They are bought and sold close to the intrinsic metal value. The buying/selling spread is low making it a great opportunity for investors to buy cheap bullion sovereigns. The customer benefits from being able to buy low priced gold sovereigns.

Our secondary market sovereigns are our cheapest gold bullion sovereigns that we sell. Take advantage of the quantity breaks to pay a lower price per coin. The more that you buy, the cheaper the coin. Whilst we often have hundreds of secondary market sovereigns in stock, there may be occasions when we are sourcing coins to fulfil orders.

Bullion Sovereign Best Value - Secondary Market


Stock Status - Available

Quantity Premium % Total
1 3.5 £239.07

Price Per Item:
5 2.8 £1,187.30

Price Per Item:
10 2.7 £2,372.30

Price Per Item:
25 2.6 £5,925.00

Price Per Item:
50 2.55 £11,844.00

Price Per Item:
100 2.5 £23,676.00

Price Per Item:
250 2.45 £59,162.50

Price Per Item:
500 2.4 £118,265.00

Price Per Item:
1000+ 2.35 £236,420.00

Price Per Item:

Bullion Sovereign Best Value - Newly Minted

Stock Status - Available

Quantity Premium % Total
1 4.75 £241.96

Price Per Item:
5 4.7 £1,209.25

Price Per Item:
10 4.65 £2,417.30

Price Per Item:
25 4.6 £6,040.50

Price Per Item:
50 4.35 £12,052.00

Price Per Item:
100 4.1 £24,046.00

Price Per Item:
250 3.8 £59,942.50

Price Per Item:
500 3.7 £119,770.00

Price Per Item:
1000+ 3.45 £238,960.00

Price Per Item:


If you are not sure whether to old or new sovereigns, read our blog New v Old Sovereigns – Which Are The Best Buy?

Why Should I Pay If The Sovereigns Are Not In Stock?

Basically, you are fixing the price on the sovereigns when the live gold price suits your requirements. If you only order when the secondary market sovereigns are in stock, you may miss out on a low gold price.

When Will I Get My Sovereigns? 

We buy and sell sovereigns on a daily basis. If your sovereigns are in stock, we will automatically dispatch your order. If they are not in stock, we will phone you to let you know there may be a delay. If we cannot give a timeframe for the delay we will arrange to email you on a regular basis with updates on your order. 

Can I Cancel My Order?

We do not offer refunds on bullion items - this includes secondary market sovereigns. However, you can sell the coins back to us at the live gold price, or change your order to a different product that is available for immediate delivery.

Can I Sell My Sovereigns?

Even though you haven't received your coins, you still own them. You can sell them back to us at the live gold price, call our showroom to fix the price. You can see the live buying price on our Sell to Chard page.

Can I Collect My Sovereigns?

Yes, we have a showroom where you can come and collect your order – and save on delivery charges. Customers often like to see where we are and what we do, they are often pleasantly surprised to see where we are and what we do. 

If you do come to visit us, please remember to bring two forms of ID and if you have paid by debit card, please bring this card with you.

Do you have any other questions regarding secondary market sovereigns? Call us on 01253 343081 and we will be happy to answer. If you want to buy the cheapest gold sovereigns, click this link here.

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