New Sovereigns

Written by Lawrence Chard - Company Director and Expert Numismatist • Last updated 6 Nov 2018

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In 1957, the Bank of England started once again to issue gold sovereigns. To distinguish between the previous issues, which would in many cases seen circulation, and the new, mint condition coins, all the earlier sovereigns were termed by dealers as "old" sovereigns, as distinct from "new" sovereigns.


The new sovereigns issued from 1957 onwards were known as "new" sovereigns, although sometimes they were alternatively called QE2 or QEII sovereigns, QE2s or QEIIs for short.


Obverse of 'New' Elizabeth II Sovereign


Obverse of 'New' Elizabeth II 1957 Sovereign

Decimals & Pre-Decimals

Later, when a new portrait was introduced, we had to split the "new" category of sovereigns into "Pre-Decimal" and "Decimal" to distinghuish between the two types.


Obverse of 1980 QEII Decimal Sovereign