2001 UK Coin Two Pounds (£2) Silver Proof Piedfort Marconi

2001 UK Coin Two Pounds (£2) Silver Proof Piedfort Marconi

This is the 2001 Silver Proof Piedfort Marconi Two Pound Coin. The coin catalogues in the 2017 Coins of England and the United Kingdom book for £60.


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This coin celebrates the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic. In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi accomplished the task, and revolutionised communication throughout the world. This coin was issued in 2001 in order to celebrate the centenary of his achievement. 

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The design on the obverse is Ian Rank-Broadley's fourth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The reverse was designed by artist, Robert Evans. It shows a representation of radio waves emanating from a source at the left of the coin, and spreading out around the date. A spark of electricity links the zeros of the date. the morse code for "S", three dots, has been incorporated into the design. This was the original signal sent from Cornwall to Newfoundland in 1901.

The edge is milled, and also has the incuse inscription:-

Diameter 28.4mm
Weight 24g
Alloy Silver
Fineness 0.925
Actual Silver Weight 0.7138 Troy oz
Obverse Designer Ian Rank Broadley
Reverse Designer Robert Evans
Mint Royal Mint
Mintage  6,759
Finish Proof