2015 UK Coin Twenty Pounds (£20) BU Longest Reigning Monarch

2015 UK Coin Twenty Pounds (£20) BU Longest Reigning Monarch

In 2015 The Royal Mint issued a £20 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch.


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The coin comes in a presentation pack. Specifications Silver Purity 0.999 15.71 grams AMW 0.5045 Issue 200,000 Whilst we pride ourselves in being cheaper than the mint in most cases, we are unable to source these coins at a discount. We have managed to get a small supply in stock for informational purposes and to photograph. We are offering them for sale but with a premium. This is because we're a business and we don't work for free! We also only have a small supply and therefore will likely not have them in stock long.

The obverse of the coin has the fifth portrait of Her Majesty, by Jody Clark.

The reverse design is by artist, Stephen Taylor, and is the first time one of his designs has been used on a coin. The coin shows all five definitive portraits of the Queen, showing how she has matured through her reign.