Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale
This page should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions Explained & Expanded page.

Bullion or investment gold is normally dealt at quite small margins.
Most investors wish to obtain their investment gold at the best possible price.
To allow us to deal at fine margins, we need to reduce our risks to a minimum. To achieve this, we necessarily have to impose some fairly strict terms and conditions which do not apply to our sales of other coins or products.

Special Conditions for Bullion Sales

Identification (Except for Export Sales)
We are legally obliged to obtain and retain identification records for every purchaser.

Notification (Except for Export Sales)
We are obliged to report to HM Customs & Excise the first purchase of investment gold by any individual exceeding £5000, or any purchase which takes the individual's purchases within any 12 months period over £10,000.

We accept payment in cleared funds. We accept personal cheques, company cheques, and bank drafts, which we clear, allowing a full working week if drawn on a UK bank. This is our preferred payment method for small payments (under about £20,000)
We also accept bank transfers. Our bank details are shown on the About Us page. If you pay by bank transfer, we like to have a written order by conventional mail.
We accept cash.
We will accept payment in any negotiable currency.
Payment must be effected the same day the deal is done. Failure to do so will result in the price being re-calculated and an administration fee of 1% (with a minimum charge of £10).

We normally require security before entering into any contract.
This may take the form of a deposit or full payment.
We may at our discretion waive this requirement for small quantities.
Clients ordering by post, telephone, internet or other remote methods may wish to use our order forms.
If an agreement is made by telephone, we will require the purchaser's name, address, and telephone number at the point of agreement. We then expect a faxed or posted confirmation, confirming that payment has been effected. If the agreement is to post a cheque, then it must be posted by first class post in time to be collected and postmarked the same day, so that it should be received the next working day. The confirmation should include all identification details necessary.
For large transactions, where we hold a deposit, cleared funds should reach us within two working days.

We will normally make the goods available for delivery within two working days of receipt of cleared funds and the necessary paperwork.
Where we have allowed a full week for cheque clearance we may often reduce this period.
At times of heavy demand, we may require an extra day for goods to reach us.
Please realise that in most cases, we have already paid in cleared funds before goods are released to us.

Immediate Availability
Subject to stock and market factors, we can often offer immediate availability, but we would usually only offer this at an extra premium except for small quantities.

Variation of Above Terms
Except for small orders at extra premium prices, we will not vary the above terms unless we receive and accept a formal request in writing.
On normal, non-investment coins, we have always operated a 7 day approval and return period for mail order purchases. This has worked well for over 40 years. Naturally, where this is now a legal requirement, we extend this to comply.
If you are unhappy with your goods and wish to return them, you must inform us of this within the 7 day approval time limit. You will be expected to pay for the cost of returning the goods to us.

All contracts will be deemed to be entered into at Blackpool, England, and be dealt with under English Law.

In English law, for a contract to exist, offer and acceptance are essential parts. For clarification, any item shown in our websites or advertisements constitutes an invitation to treat. Any order sent by post or online is the customers offer, which is subject to our acceptance.

This page should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions Explained & Expanded page.

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