2002 One (1) Ounce Silver Coin Britannia

2002 One (1) Ounce Silver Coin Britannia

The 2002 issue has reverted to the classic design used in 1998, 2000, next year's (2003) issue will probably be another new design.


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Introduced in 1997 following the success of the gold Britannia, the Royal Mint started to produce a one ounce silver Britannia coin with a face value of two pounds (£2). Silver Britannias are, quite appropriately, struck in Britannia silver, which is 958 parts per thousand silver, instead of the more usual sterling silver of 925 parts per thousand. Many other world silver coins, particularly those of European / American influence are struck in only 900 silver. The concept of the one ounce bullion coin was to provide an easy way to purchase convenient small quantities of bullion silver in the form of coins. Additionally, the new one ounce coins, are an attractive design, made to appeal to collectors. The denomination, or face value, is two pounds.

Fourth Portrait From 1998, as with all British coins, the obverse design changed to the "fourth portrait", showing a more mature likeness of The Queen.

The reverse type for 2002 reverts back to the familiar Philip Nathan design used in 1999 and 2000.