1871 Gold Sovereign Victoria Young Head Shield London gVF aEF

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1871 Gold Sovereign Victoria Young Head Shield London gVF aEF

The 1871 British sovereign have been minted in both London and Sydney. The London mint sovereign have the initials WW raised. This can be seen on the Young Head portrait on the obverse of the coin. Sydney sovereigns have the mintmark 'S' and London sovereigns have a die number: both are situated above the floral emblem. The die numbers shown are for illustrative purposes only. We have an extensive stock of sovereigns, with various die numbers available; if you would like to know the die number you will receive, or are interested in specific die numbers, please contact us.


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We spasmodically get a small batch of this date in mint or near mint condition. The 1871 shield sovereigns were issued by the London and Sydney Mints. The Melbourne Mint did not start producing sovereigns until 1872. Curiously there is an 1872 overdate, with 1872 over 1871 known for the Melbourne Mint. There are three, very similar types for this year British sovereign. The first are from the London Mint, and all have die numbers below the shield on the reverse. The designer's initial WW are raised on the truncation of the neck. The second were minted at The Royal Mint branch in Sydney. the third type is a variation of the Sydney mint sovereign but with the initials W.W incuse, unlike the other two where the W.W., are raised. Marsh fails to differentiate between these two types, however, Spink do.
The obverse shows the Young Head portrait by William Wyon. The initials WW are in relief on the truncation of the neck.
The reverse shows the shield design by Jean Baptiste Merlen. The die number is situated above the floral emblem consisting of a rose, shamrock and thistle.