2017 Whole Coin Set UK Coins

2017 Whole Coin Set UK Coins

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2017 United Kingdom Annual Coin Set. This set features 13 coins, all struck in brilliant uncirculated condition. The set features all the definitive 2017 coins, including the new, 12-sided £1 coin, as well as commemorative issues, including the Jane Austen £2, Sir Isaac Newton 50p and King Canute £5. 





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The Brilliant Uncirculated coin set features the five commemorative issue coins of 2017; Sir Isaac Newton 50p, Jane Austen £2, First World War Aviation £2, House of Windsor £5 and the King Canute £5. 

The eight, definitive coins are also included. The set features the brand new, 12-sided £1 coin, which will not enter circulation until March, 2017. 

Although not struck to the same standards as the proof coins, these coins are also specially examined and selected before packaging. They are all superior to the mass produced coins which are made for circulation because of the absence of bag marks and scratches.

The coins come packaged in a colourful attractive and informative folder.



The obverse of the coins show the Jody Clark fifth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Denomination Design Circulation
Five Pounds Crown King Canute No
Five Pounds Crown House of Windsor Centenary No
Two Pounds First World War Aviation Yes
Two Pounds Jane Austen Yes
Two Pounds Britannia Yes
One Pound New 12-Sided Design Yes
Fifty Pence Sir Isaac Newton Yes
Fifty Pence Partial Shield of Arms Yes
Twenty Pence Partial Shield of Arms Yes
Ten Pence Partial Shield of Arms Yes
Five Pence Partial Shield of Arms Yes
Two Pence Partial Shield of Arms Yes
Penny Partial Shield of Arms Yes