Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Bullion Dealer of the Year 2015-2018


Director and Expert Numismatist

Lawrence is where it all started. You would think after 50+ years he would fully retire but he still likes to be heavily involved. He regularly comes into the office to train and share his coin and bullion knowledge, (as well a few bad jokes). You can read more about Lawrence here.



Our numismatist in training learning the dark art of coin trading from Lawrence. She is also our business development manager conjuring up new opportunities across both numismatics and bullion. In her spare time she enjoyes writing pages on old and collectable coins for our website.  


Operations Manager

Joining in 2009 as a customer service advisor, Rochelle is now the operations manager. She makes sure that Lawrence is kept on his toes as well as all the company's processes. 


Bullion Manager

Our bullion manager who keeps our website products up to date and provides copy for all bullion related pages. Aside from this he looks after all things digital in the business implmenting new systems and bring the business into the 21st century....he does all this when he isn't stealing other people's birthday cake!!


Jewellery Manager

Starting at the age of 16, (we won't tell you how old she is), Hilary has been with Chard for 25+ years. She knows everything there is to know about jewellery, from manufacturing to best suited styles for each customer.



Started working for Chards in 2010 as a member of the customer service team. Georgina is now our office bookkeeper, she likes to keep things neat and tidy. She also loves that the word "bookkeeper" has three consecutive double letters. 


Customer Service Team Leader

The most talkative of the team, Lesley is the customer service team leader. If you visit our showroom, you will find her on the front line of desks with a smile. Lesley has been with Chards since 2014. The only time you will find her flapping is if she has accidentally turned her monitor black and white. 


Marketing Assistant & Purchaser

Deals with the purchasing of new releases. If you want to know if we will stock an item, Amy is the best person to ask. She loves novelty coins such as the Star Wars and Christmas coins and has been the best-dressed member of the team since she started in 2011.


Customer Service Advisor

Joining us in 2016 from university as a Customer Service Advisor. You will sometimes find Bhumika on live chat, if she is not sneaking off to turn the heating on. 


Web Developer 

The youngest member of the team Callum came to us as a part-time cleaner in 2017. Since leaving college he has stayed with us, currently our junior web developer. He oversees warehousing and is the guy who knows what coins we have in stock after spending a whole week in the strong rooms stock taking. He mainly helps Lesley turn her screen from black and white. 


Customer Service Advisor

She will deal with all your customer enquiries. Currently she can't hack sitting next to Rochelle full time so you will only see her in the office 3 days a week. 


Warehousing & Packing

Has recently joined packing orders and is slowly moving through the warehouse helping to index and catalogue the 20,000+ product lines we currently have. He can't believe we have so many coins!



Is the man behind all the coin and staff photos. He finds coins easier to photograph than group staff photos!


Warehousing & Packing

Has recently joined the business and helps in the day to day running of warehousing and order dispatch.


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