1973 Gold Isle of Man (Manx) Sovereign

1973 Gold Isle of Man (Manx) Sovereign

The 1973 Isle of Man sovereign is struck in 22 carat gold. As British Legal Tender, these bullion gold coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. These are sold as an investment product.


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No British sovereigns or half sovereigns were minted in 1973, however the Isle of Man issued gold sovereigns. 

Only 40,000 of the 1973 gold sovereigns were produced, giving them a fairly low mintage.

The obverse features Arnold Machin's second definitive coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin bears the inscription ISLE OF MAN ELIZABETH II


The reverse shows a Norse warrior on horseback, making this very similar in appearance to the St George and Dragon reverse which is so familiar on British sovereigns.



Diameter 22.05mm
Weight 7.9627g
Alloy 22 carat gold
Fineness 0.916
Actual Gold Weight 0.2347 Troy oz
Obverse Designer Arnold Machin
Reverse Designer  
Mint Pobjoy Mint
Mintage 40,000
Finish Uncirculated