1891 Gold Sovereign Victoria Jubilee Head Short Tail Melbourne VF

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1891 Gold Sovereign Victoria Jubilee Head Short Tail Melbourne VF

This British gold sovereign is a short tail sovereign. This coin was minted in 1891 at the branch mint in Melbourne. The obverse shows the jubilee portrait of Queen Victoria.



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The 1891 Victoria Jubilee Head British sovereigns were not only minted at the Melbourne mint but also the Sydney mint and The Royal Mint in London.

The Melbourne mint was established in 1872 as a part of the UK's Royal Mint. Up until 1916 the mint only produced gold sovereigns.

There are three different horse tail variations that exist for several jubilee head years: "short tail"; "medium tail" and "long tail". You can differentiate the three tails by the number of spurs of hair in the first indent of the tail.

"Short Tail" - two spurs of hair
"Medium Tail" - no spurs of hair
"Long Tail" - one spur of hair

The obverse design was introduced in 1887 to mark Victoria's golden jubilee. The portrait was designed by medalist, Jospeh Edgar Boehm.

The reverse of the coin shows Benedetto Pistrucci's St George and the Dragon which first appeared on sovereigns in 1817. This coin features the "short tail" design, indicated by two spurs of hair in the left indent of the tail.

Diameter 22.05mm
Weight 7.9881g
Fineness 0.916
Obverse Designer Bertram MacKennal
Reverse Designer Benedetto Pistrucci
Mint Melbourne
Mintage 2,749,592
Finish Uncirculated