2015 One (1) Ounce Gold Coin Panda Bullion

2015 One (1) Ounce Gold Coin Panda Bullion

The 2015 Chinese One Ounce Gold Panda is the final one ounce version of the coin. It was replaced by a 30g version in 2016. This is sold as an investment product.


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Although the coins were the same weight and fineness as in previous years, the 2015 coins no longer had the weight stamped onto the reverse. This is because the Chinese Mint marketed the coins in grams and kilos within China, and ounces for international markets. In 2016, the coins weights were completely changed so that they were measured in metric grams, rather than troy ounces.

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The obverse of the coin shows the Temple of Heaven. This is the same as in previous years of the coin.

The 2015 coin shows a panda eating some bamboo on the reverse

Diameter 32.103mm
Weight 31.1036g
Gold Content 1 Troy oz
Fineness 0.999
Country People's Republic of China
Finish Uncirculated