2017 Gold Sovereign Elizabeth II London UNC

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2017 Gold Sovereign Elizabeth II London UNC

The 2017 uncirculated sovereign features a privy mark to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Modern Sovereign. The privy mark consists of a shield with the number 200 above it, this is placed to the left of the date on the reverse of the sovereign. The date is slightly smaller to accommodate the design feature.

We received our first delivery on 12th December, 2016.

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Coin Specification

The reverse of the 2017 bullion sovereigns feature Benedetto Pistrucci's St George and the Dragon design, unlike the proof version, which features a remastered version of the design, and includes the garter border.

It should be noted that the uncirculated sovereigns are bullion coins which are sold at a small premium over their intrinsic metal value. They are struck once and may have small imperfections on the surface.

It may be that this same design will also be issued as a proof coin in 2017 and if you are seeking a high quality finish you may need to look at investing in the proof sovereign. We will update you when we receive more information.

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The obverse shows the fifth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by the artist, Jody Clark. This is only the second time the portrait has appeared on the bullion sovereign. 

The reverse of the coin features Benedetto Pistrucci's St George and the Dragon engraving, first used on sovereigns in 1817. A privy mark is set to the left of the date in exergue, it consists the number 200 set above a quartered shield.

Diameter 22.05mm
Weight 7.9881g
Alloy 22 carat gold
Fineness 0.916
Actual Gold Weight 0.2354 Troy oz
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Reverse Designer Benedetto Pistrucci
Mint London
Mintage  N/A
Finish Uncirculated