1846 Gold Sovereign Victoria Young Head Shield London VF Britannia over Britania

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1846 Gold Sovereign Victoria Young Head Shield London VF Britannia over Britania

The 1846 Victoria gold sovereign with the narrow shield reverse is from the first series of young head portrait shield sovereigns. This British coin is struck in coin alignment and was minted in London.


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The 1846 sovereign is one of the early Victoria young head portrait sovereigns minted in London from 1838 to 1848. The sovereigns from 1838 to 1848 is both slightly smaller and is also struck in slightly higher relief. There are two variations of the 1846 Victoria sovereign. The original version and a version with a Roman I instead of a 1 in the date. If you are selling a first series Victoria young head sovereign in high grade please call us.

The obverse of the 1846 sovereign features the first (small) young head portrait of Queen Victoria facing left. This portrait was designed by Chief Engraver of the Royal Mint, William Wyon and portrays the young queen as she ascended the throne at 18 years old. Victoria's hair is bound with a double fillet and is gracefully collected into a loose knot. The date sits in the field below the bust with the intitials W.W. in relief in the truncation towards the back.

The reverse of this coin was designed by Jean Baptiste Merlen, engraver for the Royal Mint. There is a branch of laurel on each side of the shield which are tied with a ribbon in a bow underneath the shield. There is an arrangement of a united rose, shamrock and thistle placed under the bow with flower stops on either side.