2013 Whole Coin Set Britannia - Four (4) Coins Gold Proof

2013 Whole Coin Set Britannia - Four (4) Coins Gold Proof

The first Britannia gold proof 5 coin set was issued in 2013. It was also, the first year that the Britannia coins were struck in 24ct, 0.999 gold which brought them in line with other World Mints.


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The 2013 gold Britannias are minted in 24 carat or 0.9999 gold. Previous years were struck in 22 carat or 0.917 gold. These coins are classed as investment gold and are exempt from VAT. They are legal tender Sterling and are Capital Gains Tax (C.G.T.) exempt. The set has a limited edition presentation of 250, meaning that The Royal Mint has only issued 250 of these sets in this specific style.

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The coins in the sets have the fourth definitive UK coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley on the obverse. This portrait was used on United Kingdom coins from 1998 until 2015.

Whilst the bullion versions of the coin retain the Philip Nathan design, the proof versions will now feature designs by contemporary British artists, in order to mark a new era for the coin. The 2013 proof coin is designed by Robert Hunt and shows a seated Britannia. The owl on the coin draws from Roman tradition and represents wisdom. An owl is commonly associated with the greek goddesses Minerva or Athena.