Double Gold Coin Eagle

Double Gold Coin Eagle

Buy US Double Eagles at bullion prices. These historic American gold coins have a face value of $20. Your American gold coin will be selected from a collection of Our Choice of Date Double Eagles that were issued by the US Mint between 1849 and 1933.


  • Struck in 0.900 gold fineness
  • A historic American gold coin
  • Each coin contains 0.9675 troy ounce of fine gold

A Great Opportunity to Buy An Historic Coin at Bullion Prices!


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Coin Specification

Historically American gold eagles are $10 gold coins, and double eagles are $20 gold coins, issued between 1849 and 1933. Please don't confuse them with the modern gold eagle bullion coins made since 1986 which are issued containing one ounce of gold, and fractions of one ounce.

Your Double Eagle will be selected at random, our choice of year and mint will be supplied.

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Our choice of year will be supplied

Our choice of year will be supplied

Diameter 34mm
Weight 33.436g
Fineness 0.900
Alloy 21.6 carat gold
Actual Gold Weight 0.9675 Troy oz
Obverse Designer N/A
Reverse Designer N/A
Mint US Mint (various mints)
Mintage  N/A
Finish Uncirculated