Why You Should Buy Physical Gold!

Written by Ian Davis – Bullion Manager • Last updated 21 Nov 2018

Buying Physical Gold

This is true ownership as you can touch and feel what you have bought. Good look getting your gold coins and bars in a hurry from a vault in Switzerland if you need to pack your bags and go!

In times of economic uncertainty, gold is seen as the traditional safe-haven and physical gold ownership is often seen as the preferred method. This asset is a good insurance against inflation and is a protection against economic collapse. Gold is a commodity that will always have a value and as banks and governments push us towards a cashless society, it is a good idea to have an asset which is not linked to the financial markets, per se. 

212physicalgoldalt (1)In 2008, four British banks nearly triggered a complete banking collapse. There was a run on the bank of Northern Rock and many investors saw their savings wiped out. Similarly, the subprime mortgage scandal in America led to the closure and collapse of banks and investment firms. The real victims were the investors who had relied on these banks to protect their savings. With Brexit, the Eurozone project, spiralling government debts, plummeting currencies and increased levels of social unrest, gold and silver are the best way to protect your wealth. 

Although gold can be volatile, investing in physical gold gives you control of a physical commodity that lets you hedge against financial stress. We can help you to create your own wealth portfolio and manage your investment. Read on to the next article for more information. 

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