Where to Buy Gold and Silver in the UK and Worldwide

Written by Ian Davis – Bullion Manager • Last updated 21 Dec 2018

2 big questions with a very easy answer!

Where to Buy Gold in the UK? and,

Where to Buy Silver in the UK? 

Answer: Chards Coin and Bullion Dealer of course!!

Whether your looking to buy gold and silver in the North West, Manchester, Birmingham or London we believe we are the company that offer the best service and have done for over 50 years!

Read on below as we explain why you should buy from us either online or in the showroom.....

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Our Brand New Harrowside Premises!


We advise our customers to research both the products available, prices and the bullion dealers they are about to trade with prior to investing in gold. Research is essential to ensure you don't get ripped off by paying over the odds or end up in a trading dispute after receiving substandard or no products at all. After all you want to ensure that you are buying gold and silver bullion safely.

There are many sources of information available to potential investors in the form of books, magazines and "experts" but the internet is probably the greatest source of information - be warned though, this can be both good and bad. Many bullion dealers have advice sections on their websites, there are many forums available and plenty of companies offering newsletters with commentary on the gold market. With any consumption of information, it pays to have a healthy scepticism when taking any advice and reading multiple sources is always recommended. 

As mentioned previously, many bullion dealers have information pages with one of our biggest competitors providing very good advice; much of which we respect and agree with. However, we believe there are more points to consider that have been omitted, these include dealing with a trusted and long-established company, with physical premises you can visit without an appointment and fully published financial accounts. They seem to argue that "no hidden charges" extends to "free postage" which increases the cost for most buyers, something of which we educate our own customers on ensuring they are fully aware of exactly what they are paying for - we pride ourselves on offering honest and transparent trading practices. You can read here why free postage might be cheating you out of the best deal  It is also essential to deal with a company offering a fully insured postal service and for those offering storage we believe it is best to store gold on site rather than outsourcing. They fail to mention that numismatic expertise is essential especially for dealers who also handle older coins, which are often better value and more collectable than new ones. With over 50 years numismatic experience we have amassed a huge collection of coins from classical antiquity all the way through to modern issues, including our extensive range of over 5,000 dated and graded sovereigns

Best UK Bullion Dealer

Chard have been voted the UK Bullion Dealer of the Year for the last four years running. Against stiff competition amongst the biggest bullion dealers in Great Britain, we are the only UK dealer to be awarded the title of 'Bullion Dealer of the Year' also winning the best e-commerce platform and numistic expertise awards If you are looking to buy top quality products at highly competitive prices, we are very proud of our websites and believe our new site www.chards.co.uk is the best website to buy gold. We offer some of the lowest prices on the market, provide a wealth of honest information and host a huge range of products - you will not be disappointed! We regularly compare prices on our leading products with our top competitors and we challenge you to find prices that are cheaper elsewhere! If you are looking for the best place in the UK to buy gold, come to Chard.

Are You Paying for Advertising?

On a final note, another useful exercise to conduct is to use Google to search for commonly associated search terms such as gold bars and gold coins. Google has a clever technique which ranks websites relevant to the search phrase typed into the search box. By returning a website within the top 3 results of a search, it adds a touch of credibility; that this bullion dealer’s website is trusted and well visited by customers. However, we advise people that the first 3 places (even 5) on Google used to be reliable, but now it means that these are the businesses who have paid Google the highest AdWords amount to be placed higher. Chances are companies advertising and paying for the privilege are charging customers more money for the products sold to cover this expense. Take our advice that it is best to look for the unpaid links, but Google has now made these difficult if not impossible to spot!

Don't Take Our Word – Here's What Our Customers Say 

Reviews are ideal for finding out what customers are saying about a company. You can discover opinions and endorsements from people who have had first-hand experience with the company. Our reviews are only from customers who have made a purchase at Chards, you will not find fake or bought reviews on our website.

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