Palladium Record Price All time High

Written by Ian Davis - Bullion Manager • Last updated 19 Jun 2019

On Thursday 17th Palladium hit a record high of £1114.00 and is still trading above £1025 as I type this. Palladium has seen an increase of almost 80% since January 2017 and we are left guessing whether it will stabilise at a high price like gold or bubble and collapse when investors lose interest. It does have industrial uses mainly as a catalyst in catalytic converters and as diesel cars have taken bad press of late prices are storming higher. As future policy shifts away from the combustion engine in general, I expect palladium price to suffer long term regardless of where this bull run ends up. That is unless another major use is found......see the price rise on our live price graph below:

Palladium Rise From Jan 2017

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