Meet Team Chard - Robyn!

Author: Amy Billington - Content Editor

Published: 19 May 2020

Last Updated: 9 Jun 2021


This week we're talking to Robyn! She's one of our lovely Customer Service Advisors. If you've phoned up the showroom, or visited us pre-lockdown, you may have spoken to her! 

What's your hometown?

Sunny Blackpool.

What do you do at Chards?

I work in customer service - I help customers when buying and selling. I also process daily orders, along with responding to customer emails, live chat and phone calls. 

What's the best thing about working at Chards?  

My favourite part of working here is meeting new people every day, I love chatting to customers. I also love the team here, we're all as crazy as each other and it makes work enjoyable. 

What's your favourite coin?

My favourite is the gold Chinese Panda but I also like the Silver St Helena Spade Guinea coin 

What are you missing most during lockdown?

I miss the simple things like being able to take my children on the park, and I miss seeing all my friends and family. 

One thing you didn’t know about the coin / bullion industry before working at Chards?

I never even knew It existed, it’s a whole new world I had no idea about. I have learnt so much and find it all very interesting.  

Top 3 things to make lockdown pass?

1/ Coronation Street - I have always loved corrie. When I find the time I watch them all back to back on catch up. The Geoff and Yasmeen storyline is a bit hard to watch at the minute though.

2/ Gino, Gordon and Fred Road Trip – It is absolutely hilarious! I love it, it has me in stiches and I am gutted it's finished.  

3/ Crash Bandicoot – We recently bought an Xbox and got the Crash Bandicoot game for my son but I love it more than him - its so addictive! 

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