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Meet Team Chard - Mandi!

Author: Amy Billington - Commemorative and Bullion Editor

Published: 17 Jun 2020

Last Updated: 9 Jun 2021


This week we're talking to one of our Customer Service Advisors, Mandi.

What's your hometown?

Sunny Blackpool and I absolutely love it. There’s something about living next to the sea that’s so calming.  

What do you do at Chards?

I work in Customer Service – I help customers with their queries when buying and selling. Answering daily emails, live chat and processing daily orders.

What's the best thing about working at Chards?

I have only worked at Chards for the last 3 months but my favourite thing so far is how lovely and friendly the staff are. Every day I go to work and I learn more and more about the business and the exciting bullion world that I had no idea existed. Every day is so different and it’s great.    

What's your favourite coin?  

 Probably the 1oz Silver Kangaroo.  

What are you missing most during lockdown?

Socialising with Friends and Family. We had so much planned for our 30th birthdays but we’ve had to cancel them all. I miss being able to do the simple things like popping to the shop, taking my son to the park or going out for tea.

One thing you didn’t know about the coin / bullion industry before working at Chards? 

Everything! I left my old job wanting a new challenge and something that would excite me, I think I have found it. It’s a different but very exciting new world.

What's the one place you want to visit once lockdown’s ended?

 Somewhere where the sun is shining and cocktails are flowing, or the local pub will do for now.  

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I love to play most sports but Netball and Football are my favourites. I climbed Mount Snowden last year so I really want to do the 3 peak challenge next, I just love being outdoors.  

What are your top 3 things to make lockdown pass?

1/ Brooklyn 99 – it is such an easy watch and we find it funnier than we probably should do.  

2/ White Lines – Although now all I want to do is go on holiday even more.  

3/ Learning new TikTok videos - I actually managed to convince my husband to do them with me which was fun. 

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