Meet Team Chard - Kieran!

Author: Amy Billington - Content Editor

Published: 23 Apr 2020

Last Updated: 9 Jun 2021


Today's Meet The Team is Kieran! Kieran is our Warehouse Lead and resident coin collector - if there is anything you need to know about 50p's, he probably has the answer!

What's your hometown?


What do you do at Chards?

I work in the warehouse Maintaining stock levels and making sure stock is picked for customer orders to be despatched, while also keeping the staff entertained.

What's the best thing about working for Chards?

The best thing about working at chards has to be the team I work with. We are a crazy bunch at times but always keep it professional.

What's your favourite coin?

The 1oz Gold Buffalo.

What are you missing most during lockdown?

It has to be the working atmosphere from the whole team and the morning huddles.

Top 3 things to make the lockdown pass.

1. Watching Prison Break

2. Singing on the Wii karaoke

3. Playing Monopoly and other board games. 

What coins do you collect?

Any and all 50 pence and £2 coins. Some may refer to them as the special coins! 

What got you into coin collecting?

It has to be the Beatrix potter collection. Finding one in my change kicked it all off, then with a helping hand from the corner shop I was stashing them away - I was hooked!

One thing you didn’t know about the coin / bullion industry before working at Chards?

That my coin collection had minimal value compared to the precious metal market.

The one place you want to visit once lockdown’s ended? 

Anywhere that is 30 degrees and has a beach. 

What would you be doing if you weren’t working at Chards?  

Probably at home in bed bingeing a Netflix series.

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