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Meet Team Chard - Adam!

Author: Amy Billington - Commemorative and Bullion Editor

Published: 21 Apr 2020

Last Updated: 30 Apr 2020

Meet the Team!

Today's Meet The Team is Adam!

A quick bio on Adam; he has a masters degree in journalism, has hosted a radio show and written for magazines. He started working for Chard in 2019 and he isn't just a great numismatic editor, he's also an annoyingly-good office prankster.

We caught up with him during lockdown to ask him a few questions.

What's your hometown?

Blackpool. I lived in Preston for uni but more recently moved to South Shore.

What do you do at Chards?

I create content about historical and collectable coinage for the Chard's website & coin publications. I also create product listings to accompany the historical coin mailshots, with the engraver series being the most recent example of this.

What's the best thing about working for Chards?

The team can deal with pranks. No one is safe.

Don't we know it?! What's the best prank you've pulled?

It was more of a team effort but wrapping up Corey’s keyboard, mouse, etc and then hiding them around the building. Cutting a long story short he got his calculator back at the Christmas party, gifted by a very confused DJ in a packed room.

What's your favourite coin?

Aesthetically it would be the Gold Double Eagle Coins. The Star Wars coins are also pretty cool!

What are you missing most during lockdown?

Aside from being outside in general, I miss being able to attend regular gigs, see new bands or go to the skatepark.

Top 3 things you're reading or watching to make the lockdown pass.

1. Chuck Klosterman’s “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs” [Book]: if you like articulately constructed assessments of pop culture and modern mentality. 
2. Thrasher’s King of the Road [Web Series]: Elevator pitch, “pro skater tour mixed with Bizarre team challenges.”
3. Audiotree Live Sessions [Youtube Channel]: Loads of new and established artists from pretty much every genre, great live sets and interviews.

Look them up, treat yourself!

What would you be doing if you weren't working at Chards?

Outside of Chards I am A Freelance Music Journalist and before joining the team was seriously considering moving to London to pursue this full time. So I would probably be sat in an overpriced "en-suite kitchen/bathroom/bedroom" evaluating my life decisions. 

What did you know about the bullion industry before you joined?

Absolutely nothing. I have written for insolvency firms and have dabbled in the stock market for a few years which gave me a baseline appreciation for the demographic. But for me the appeal of copywriting is researching areas/industries I wouldn't otherwise know. My first writing job was at a large pet company and can now identify features of cat flaps by eyeballing them, a skill I rarely get to capitalise on.  

The one place you're going once lockdown has ended?

Manchester's Northern Quarter. There is always something going on and its as if my love for live music, vinyl, skating and crudely hipster bars has been crammed into a four block radius.

What's your favourite food?

I love margarita pizza but the problem is too many people think they can make one, which I suppose they can, but can they make it well? In a word, no. I think that's why its not put on a higher pedestal in the deep dish world.  

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