Gold Market Information

Written by Lawrence Chard - Company Director and Expert Numismatist • Last updated 17 Nov 2018

Gold has always been ingrained in culture and wealth since its discoverery. Used through the world as a base metal for coins, it is also a commodity and used as jewellery. Its value has been relatively stable across history and is often seen as a safe haven for investors looking to protect their wealth against inflation and failing economies. Read our blog on why you should invest in physical gold and silver here

Gold Demand & Supply

Gold is predominently used in 4 major areas which are jewellery, investment, technology and within central banks. Since about 2008 the demand for gold has been increasing and if you view our live price charts you will recognise the upward trend into 2011 and how the price has not really dropped since. Many more people are worried about the state of the financial system and central banks and are supplydemandmoving wealth into physical gold and silver and consumer demand has not really dropped since. Jewellery demand is often inversely related to gold price as rising prices can slow growth for example during 2016 - a result of weak ecomonic performance and policy changes in India. 

The World Gold Council provide good insight into how the market is evolving and how price and you can subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates. The take home message is that as we write this the price of gold is still high and their appears to be no short supply of political and economic instability in the future. If you beleive the price of gold will rise in these scenarios then now could be the time to buy. 

Gold Prices in Turbulent Times

Gold price is often a product of economic and political news and events. You can view the live price of gold here. With the events of Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency gold price has remained high and we can see no end in sight to political upheavals! If you are worried about the risks of wealth linked to a local economy you should consider investing in gold which has a more global value and is less affected by local economic downturns i.e. it is likely to hold its value even during financial ruin. With the plummeting value of the pound and the EU facing a crisis, gold has become an important hedge against currency devaluations.

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