COVID19 - Chards Business Updates

Author: Corey McDowell - Economics Editor

Published: 16 Mar 2020

Last Updated: 26 Mar 2020


We have already seen international shipments delayed because of coronavirus fears, and we fear that we could see an almost total shutdown.

As a coin and bullion business that has been around for over 55 years, we feel we are able to give some appropriate advice for the concerned layman. For a start, we would avoid panic buying of gold and silver. In the 2008 crisis, some lemmings were paying rip-off prices like 27% premium for common bullion coins like Krugerrands. It never ceases to amaze us how thought and reason go out the window in times of uncertainty.

Coronavirus hysteria forces public to think about hygenic practices

Best Ways to Contact Chards

Our staff are working around the clock answering emails and telephone calls, but we have been inundated from 9am to 5pm and into the night. We are asking customers to please be patient during this extremely busy period.

The best way to buy gold and silver bullion is to find products on our website and pay using bank transfer (BACS). This will reserve stock for you using the current live metal price, and our friendly customer service team will be in touch as quickly as possible afterwards. Our fantastic website is easy to navigate and we have over 20,000 products to browse through online!

Bullion Products Currently Available For Purchase

We are proud to be back to full service after addressing our large backlog of customer orders. Our full stock range is available, deliveries are continuing as normal but please expect some delays. Customers are reminded we offer on-site vaulted storage, which is our preferred option to relieve pressure on our courier network.

Thank you for your patience over the past few days, as we moved our operation off site and transformed into a fully digital bullion delivery service! 

We have split up our bullion selection into 'in stock' and 'orderable'. This is to clarify what products we have on site and those items we are sourcing for wholesale suppliers.

Bullion Sovereigns

These Bullions Sovereigns are some of the cheapest and most practical ways to acquire gold bullion, and they benefit from CGT exemption in the United Kingdom. We have a wide selection available to buy - from Secondary Market Sovereigns, Minty Sovereigns and Newly Minted Sovereigns.

Gold and Silver Britannias

One ounce Britannias are also a popular choice among investors, benefiting from CGT-exempt status in the UK as well as sovereigns. We have Gold Britannias and Silver Britannias available.

2020 Britannias and Sovereigns

If you want this year's dated UK bulllion coins, please see our dedicated 2020 Gold Britannia, 2020 Silver Britannia and 2020 Sovereign pages.

New Gold Bars - Various Sizes Up To 1 Kilo

We have a wide range of gold bullion bars available to order.

New Silver Bars - Various Sizes Up to 1 Kilo

We also have a wide range of silver bullion bars available to order too.

For those willing to wait as we source bullion products, our Bullion Available for Order webpage provides appropriate options.

Business Updates (26/3/20)

Our teams have worked tirelessly over the past three days to get all of our customer orders out as fast as possible. We have seen over ten times the usual number of orders and our staff and systems have made it through.

We have since added more products back on sale and been serving customers online, dealing with enquiries over email and live chat and even reopened our telephone lines. We are asking customers to please be patient during this extremely busy period.

The work over the past three days is testament to our reputation as a leading bullion dealer and we hope to continue trading online. Deliveries are expected to continue as normal, but please note our showroom will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Again, thank you for your continued support in these exceptional times.

Shipping Delays 

Do be prepared for shipping delays. Anything stored at our showroom is highly secure, and fully insured via Lloyds. Be assured that any bullion stored with us is safe and secure in vaults good for insurance cover over £100 million. No international orders will be dispatched from us until further notice. International orders can still be placed and prices locked in, and we can offer free storage to international customers.

Royal Mail can no longer guarantee next day delivery by 1pm, this is beyond our control. 

Although most of our secondary market bullion is sourced from the United Kingdom, some we import from international brokers and dealers. We even source most of our new gold sovereigns and Britannias from international sources, because almost unbelievably, it is cheaper for us to re-import them than source them within the UK. 

General Precautions 

Handling coins or banknotes can present a health and hygiene risk. Although we conjured up this mock-up fantasy coin, and a few others, as a joke, there is a serious message. Regularly wash hands and regularly clean down working environments. Again, it amazes us that it should take a crisis like this to bring people to think about personal hygiene and the risks of spreading illness to others.

COVID-19 safety officer recommends regular handwashing

Trust us, you really do not want to know! Wash your hands regularly

Perhaps the Royal Mint, and other mints worldwide could do their part by producing coins with public health messages? Could be good, low cost, or even no-cost, publicity.

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