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Special Offers - July 2018

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 6 Jul 2018

Last Updated: 20 Aug 2019


Welcome to our monthly best prices article where we list the current best deals on our website. 


You can view all our deals on our dedicated Special Offers page. You can also click on the images below to go direct to the products. 


Remember to take advantage of the price break discounts - so you will pay less, when you buy more!



Gold Half Sovereign - Elizabeth II Bullion

Our gold bullion Elizabeth II half sovereign option is our choice of date coins with QEII obverse. These British legal tender coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and are popular with investors and coin collectors. Buy 20 or more and get free UK delivery


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Gold 50 Pesos Bullion Coin Mexico - Our Choice

Gold Mexican 50 Pesos. This coin is .900 in fineness and contains 1.2057oz of gold. 



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2003 Bridges £1 Gold Proof Pattern Collection

This 2003 gold proof pattern set contains the series of four national designs based on bridges by Edwina Ellis. This gold one pound coin set is struck in 22 carat gold to a proof finish and comes in a presentation box with a certificate of authentication.




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2006 UK Coin £5 / Crown Gold Proof The Queen's 80th Birthday

In 2006, to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's eightieth birthday, The Royal Mint issued a crown with a face value of £5. This 22 carat gold coin is struck to a proof finish and comes in a wooden presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. 

  • Struck in 22 carat,  0.916 fineness
  • Contains 1.1771 troy ounce of fine gold
  • Proof coin comes in a presentation box with certificate of authentication



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2011 UK Coin £5 / Crown Gold Proof Prince Philip 90th Birthday

In 2011, The Royal Mint issued a £5 gold proof crown to celebrate the 90th Birthday of HRH, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh designed by Mark Richards FRBS. Struck in 22 carat gold, this commemorative coin comes in a presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

  • 0.916 fineness, 22 carat gold
  • Capital Gains Tax exempt
  • 636 gold proof crowns issued



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2010 Gold Quarter Sovereign Elizabeth II Bullion

This is the 2010 Uncirculated Gold Quarter Sovereign. The coins were issued by The Royal Mint.



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1850-1865 Gold French 20 Franc Bullion Value in Wreath

These 20 Franc gold coins were minted between 1853 to 1860 in the reign of Napoleon III. These French gold coins are ideal for the investor looking to buy low premium gold bullion.

  • Contains 0.1867 troy ounce gold 
  • VAT free
  • Struck in 0.900 gold fineness
  • Low premiums!



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