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The 60th Anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation UK £5

The first of the UK’s 2013 coin designs has been released by The Royal Mint this morning and we should have seen it coming!

2013 Commemorative £5 Crown

The 2013 Crown is commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the The Queen’s Coronation in 1953.  Crowns have been issued for many important events in The Queen’s life – including the Coronation in 1953.  The crown issued in 1953 had a face value of just five shillings (twenty five pence), whereas this coin has a face value of £5.

1953 Coronation Crown - Obverse

1953 Coronation Crown – Obverse

1953 Coronation Crown - Obverse

1953 Coronation Crown – Obverse

We do not have our own images of the 2013 £5 Crown yet but it is shown on our pinterest page.

We can also tell you that it is not dissimilar to the medallion we produced in 2012 to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Chard Diamond Jubilee Medallion

The 2013 60th Anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation coin obviously doesn’t feature the words “DIAMOND JUBILEE”, nor does it have sixty diamonds around the edge of the field.  It does, however, feature an image of the Crown in addition to the words “TO REIGN AND SERVE A VOW MADE GOOD”.

Will the 2013 £5 Crown circulate?

Although this coin is officially legal tender it will not be issued in to circulation.  I should imagine it will be available to buy from The Post Office but it will probably cost considerably more than £5.

What metal will the 2013 £5 be?

It has become almost common practice for The Royal Mint to issue commemorative coins in base metal, silver proof, piedfort silver proof and gold proof and then occasionally piedfort platinum proof.  We haven’t yet had official confirmation and we don’t know yet which versions we will be stocking.  However if you would like to subscribe to our mailing list I can guarantee that you will be one of the first to find out.

2 thoughts on “The 60th Anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation UK £5

    • Hi Graham, the uncirculated £5 crown does have a milled edge so we would expect all of the versions to be the same. We won’t know for definite until we receive them in to stock.

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