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2014 New Year Coin News Predictions

Last year we published our forecast of what the new year would bring in coin designs, and numismatic news. Most of our forecasts proved quite close to actual events, some are rolling towards fulfilment. With this success in mind, we now present our forecasts for 2014.

2014 New Year Coin News Forecast

We make a few forecasts of what “news” items about coins we will see in the forthcoming New Year.

British Royal Mint to Create 1914 – 1918 Great War Programme

We already know that numerous coin marketing companies have sold successful collections of war and military anniversary issues, from various countries, so it a near certainty that the Royal Mint will seek to cash in on this big opportunity. our guess is there will be at least one coin, probably a £5 crown, per month. We expect multiple editions of each design, starting with cupro-nickel brilliant uncirculated, silver proof, gold proof; possibly also gold-plated on silver or base metal, silver piedfort. With about 50 designs in each metal, this could mean between 150 and 250 variations. We anticipate the Mint will seek to reinforce its UK monopoly by targeting its marketing directly to collectors, with a half price initial offer, or some similar incentive. This will get repeated in our 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, forecasts, possibly extending to 2019, as some argue that WW1 actually ended in 1919.

June 28th may be the official launch date. Will the RM arrange the assassination of rock group Franz Ferdinand, as a publicity stunt?

1914 – 1918 Great War Programme from Commonwealth Countries and Other Mints

For similar reasons, we expect many Commonwealth countries to launch their own War Memories programmes, alone, and also in conjunction with the Royal Mint and others.

The Penny Finally Drop in Canada

This always surprises us, because we thought they had actually stopped using the penny when they went decimal in 1858, and started using cents instead. Our 2012 forecast came true “In Economic Action Plan 2012, the Government announced it would phase out the penny from Canada’s coinage system”. “Important Dates
To help consumers, businesses, charities and financial institutions to plan, a transition date of February 4, 2013 has been set after which the Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute pennies.”

Jamaica Marcus Garvey Centenary Coin

Jamaica may issue a Marcus Garvey centennial coin to commemorate foundation of the Universal Negro Improvement Association in 1914.

Royal Mint to Issue Shackleton Centenary Coin

Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition set sail on the Endurance from England in an attempt to cross Antarctica.

Panama Release Panama Canal Centenary Commemorative Coin

On August 15 1914, the Panama Canal was inaugurated with the passage of the SS Ancon.

United Kingdom to Issue George III of Hanover Tercentenary Coin

On August 1st 1714 George, elector of Hanover became King George I of Great Britain and Ireland on the death of Queen Anne, founding the House of Hanover Dynasty in the U.K.

Eire (Ireland) to Issue Home Rule Act Centenary Coin

Although the Government of Ireland Act 1914 was a U.K. Act, it is sure to be commemorated by the Irish.

Russia to Issue Petrograd Centenary Coin

On September 1st 1914, Saint Petersburg in Russia changed its name to Petrograd.

British Royal Mint Issues Tercentenary of Mixed Education Coin

Archbishop Tenison’s School, the world’s earliest surviving mixed gender school, was established by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, in Croydon, England.

More Gold Coins Dropped in Salvation Army Kettles

This one is a safe bet, as every week we hear about 10 stories about anonymous donors dropping Krugerrands and other gold coins into Salvation Army kettles. The event is so common, we do not understand why it makes the news. We think this practice is unhygienic, and should be stopped. In the U.K., we prefer to fill our kettles with water, so we can enjoy a nice cup of tea.

USA to Mint Mother’s Day Centenary Coins?

Woodrow Wilson signed a Mother’s Day proclamation on 14th May 1914

Royal Mint Deny Nickel Plated Coins Cause Allergies

Despite a study published in Contact Dermatitis, based on experience in Sweden.

U.S.A. to Issue Federal Trade Commission Centenary Coins

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was established by the Federal Trade Commission Act in 1914

Royal Mint to Issue Longitude Prize Centenary Coin

Longitude prize: The Parliament of Great Britain votes “to offer a reward for such person or persons as shall discover the Longitude. It will omit ti mention that it continued to cheat John Harrison for many years.

Norway to Issue Independence Bicentenary Coin

Norway’s independence was proclaimed in 1814

U.S. to Mint The Star-Spangled Banner Bicentenary Coin

Francis Scott Key composed he poem later set to music as The Star-Spangled Banner in 1814..

Royal Mint to Issue George Stephenson First Locomotive Blucher Bicentenary Coin

Well, trainspotters will buy anything!

U.S. Mint to Issue Federal Reserve Bank Centenary Coins

Federal Reserve Bank of the United States officially opened for business in 1914

Scottish Mint to Issue Coin for the 400th Anniversary of Invention of Logarithms

Although if Scotland is not yet independent, it may be the British Royal Mint. Scottish mathematician John Napier publishes Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Descriptio (Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithms), outlining his discovery of logarithms and incorporating the decimal mark.

50 Countries to Issue Beatles 50th Anniversary Coins

On January 20th 1964  Meet the Beatles!, the first The Beatles album from Capitol Records in the United States was issued. The Royal Mint are favourite to mint some of these for at least one of the Channel Islands. The Solomon Islands, Tristan da Cunha, Cook Islands, and Isle of Man are amongst those expected to join in.

Royal Mint to Issue First Ever £30 Coin

Following the success of its first ever £20 coin containing only a half ounce of silver, the new coin will contain a quarter ounce of silver.  Marketed as £30 for £30, the Mint expect 250,000 to be gullible enough to buy.

Dropped Royal Mint Distributors Slam British Royal Mint for Unfair Trade Practices

Other distributors expected to enjoy less competition, and reap rewards for their compliance.

U.S. to Replace Dollar Bills with Coins?

Coins last longer then banknotes, so using a one dollar coin instead of a banknote should save the U.S. government money. Some people seem to object, probably because they consider coins to be too bulky. Most other countries have already replaced some of their lower value banknotes with coins, without mass rioting and protests. The U.K now uses 50 pence coins, one pound coins, and two pound coins, in place of ten shilling notes and pound coins. The Eurozone uses 1 and 2 euro coins. Canada uses dollar and two dollar coins. Everyone manages very well in those countries. In recent years, most countries have reduced the size of their coins in line with their inflation reduced values.

British Royal Mint to Introduce New Uniquest Coin Designs

These are a follow up to the quite unique* and very unique* coins they issued for the 2012 London Olympics. Sources rumour they may have some uniquest designs up their sleeves for 2014.

* According to various press statements and release by £170,000 a year marketing executives at the Royal Mint.

U.S. to Follow Canada in Dropping the Penny

According to our sources, the U.S.A. stopped using the penny in 1792, when it went decimal and starting using dollars and cents instead of pounds and pennies. News sure travels very slowly in some third world countries. We blame the education system.

Royal Mint to Issue 500th Anniversary Coin for the World’s Largest Warhip

Henry Grace à Dieu, at over 1,000 tons the largest warship in the world at this time, was launched at the new Woolwich Dockyard in England in 1514.

U.S. Mint to Make Cheaper Coins

The U.S. Mint will continue to investigate cheaper ways to make coins, and save money. Cents cost more to make than their face value, nickels too.

Scotland to Issue Bannockburn 700th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

On June 24th 1314 – Battle of Bannockburn: Scottish forces led by Robert the Bruce defeat Edward II of England, regaining Scotland’s independence

Ireland Issues 750th Anniversary of Parliament Coin

On June 18th 1264  The Parliament of Ireland met at Castledermot in County Kildare, the first definitively known meeting of this Irish legislature.

Swiss Issue Geneva Convention 150th Anniversary 150 Franc Coin

On August 22nd 1864 the First Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Armies in the Field was signed in Geneva

Mint Makes Innovative New Coin

The Pobjoy Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and a dozen other world mints will score a first by producing an innovative new coin design which had never previously been seen. Collectors worldwide will be nonplussed, or maybe not, at this announcement.

Richard Lobel of Coincraft Knocks Royal Mint Rip-Off Prices

Leading London dealer Lobel, with over 50 years experience, calls on collectors and other dealers to boycott Royal Mint products. Chard agree. Most British and international media will completely ignore this. Most British newspapers carry expensive adverts for the Royal Mint. The Royal Mint will probably threaten to sue anybody for defamation who publishes anything remotely criticising them. Nothing new here!

Spanish Museums to Showcase Lost and Stolen Coins

Coins probably from  Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes,  which the Spanish government lost in 1804 when the ship sank, will go on show in museums throughout the county. The Spanish government did little or nothing for 200 years to find or retrieve these coins until Odyssey Marine Exploration found and recovered them after years of research. Once ashore, the Spanish government did a questionable deal with the U.S. government to steal the coins back from Odyssey. The combined force of the two governments managed to convince a U.S. court to rule in favour of the Spanish government. Moral? Size does matter.

U.S. Mint to Confiscate Stolen 1933 Double Eagles

As another bagful of previously unique 1933 gold $20 coins turns up, the U.S. government turns up more dubious evidence that, contrary to known facts, these coins must have been stolen because they had to be sold back to the U.S. government in 1933 at $20.47 per ounce, just before they revalued gold up to $35 in yet another legalised government robbery of its citizens. One sold at auction in 2002 for $7.6 million dollars, but not before the U.S. arrested its owner. the provenance of this coins showed the U.S. government had issued King Farouk of Egypt an export license for it in 1944.

Gold Coin Prices Increase

Actually, this tends to happen over 100 times a year, but it make good headlines on a quiet news week.

Gold Coin Prices Decrease

Another quiet news week.

London Mint Office Offers £5 for £5 No Risk Exchange

In an astounding, never to repeated deal, the London Mint Office are offering a legal tender Five Pound Crown Coin, face value £5, to a carefully selected number of individuals, for only £5 post free. This offer is available to only the first million people who apply, (subject to status). Careful observers may notice the letters TDC on the coin, standing for Tristan da Cunha, but most probably won’t. If buyers get fed up with the coin after a few years, they can always spend it in Tristan da Cunha (although this theory is untested to our knowledge). Tristan da Cunha is only 1500 miles from Saint Helena, and less than 1800 miles from South Africa. It is quite easy to reach. Return tickets from the U.K. to Capetown can be bought for not much more than £500; from there fishing boats visit almost every month,  and many accept passengers for a small financial consideration. Allow about one month for the return journey. LMO state this to be a no-risk offer, and you are under no obligation to keep the coin, you can send it back within 30 days after phoning their premium rate number, holding on for less than one hour, and obtaining a returns number. The same applies to the other no-obligation offers which LMO will send you because you agreed that you would recieve further offers from them.

 Trillion Dollar Platinum Coins

There will be yet more suggestions every week, that the U.S. Treasury should mint a platinum coin with a face value of $1 Trillion, deposit it at the Federal Reserve, then borrow dollars against its security. We hope the British Royal Mint don’t hear about this, or they may increase their new issue coin prices even higher than they already have done.

 Collectors and Investors Complain about Lower Royal Mint Quality Despite Higher Prices

We forecast that more collectors and investors will complain about the quality of Royal Mint products, despite the fact that the Mint has been pushing its retail prices up, and squeezing its trade discounts for the past few years. A Royal Mint spokesperson will probably utter some propaganda about the high quality of their finish.<br>

We have already seen the poor quality of the first batch of 2013 silver Britannia bullion coins, and 2013 bullion gold sovereigns.

 Man Pays £1 / $1 Million Tax Bill in Cents / Pennies / Coins

A man from smalltown, somewhereshire. makes news headlines by paying his tax (or maybe grocery) bill with 45 armoured truck load of coins. Perhaps it was only $100, but hey, when did small inaccuracies worry journalists?

U.S. Mint Sells Out of Silver Coins

Unprecedentedly high demand for American silver eagle bullion coins means the U.S. Mint has to suspend its sales yet again.

British Royal Mint to Screw Collectors on 2014 Proof Gold Sovereigns

We guess the retail price of the British 2014 proof sovereign to be set at £450 each, but we anticipate the Royal Mint will tighten the screw even further on its discounts and supply lines. In recent years we have offered our customers as much as 15% discount on them compared with RM prices. We don’t expect to be able to repeat this discount level on the 2014 coins. Similar applies to the 5 coin, and other, sovereign proof sets.

2014 Gold Sovereigns to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of World War I

They do not commemorate it, and were not issued to, but this will not stop some dealers, marketeers, or even mints from claiming this.

Texas Coin Dealer on Federal Fraud Charges

It’s usually Texas. but sometimes it’s Utah, Colorado, Florida, New York, or elsewhere. Usually it’s for bait and switch sales practices, but other bad stuff happens too.

Chard Receives Record Payout for Copyright Abuse

Chard of Blackpool, the leading U.K. coin dealer received another 6 figure sum in compensation for copyright theft, from yet another major competitor.

Indian Mystic Dreams One Crore of Gold Coins Buried Under Temple

Dream on…

U.S. Mint to Issue In Gold We Trust Coins

On April 22nd 1864, the United States Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1864 which mandated that the inscription “In God We Trust” be placed on all coins minted as United States currency. Disbelievers march on Congress in protest.

Royal Mint Issues World’s First Condom Commemorative Coin

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first condom in 1864, made by the International Condom Company, later the London Rubber Company. Shane Bissett announces that this coin will be sold in packs of three, and will feature a world first in coin protective packaging and presentation.

 Samsung Did Not Pay Apple $1 Billion in Nickels

But it won’t stop the world’s media from repeating the urban myth ten times a week, like it has during 2013.

 British Royal Mint Appoints New Marketing Director and C.E.O.

Forecast to happen in February / March 2014.

Perhaps they will appoint someone with numismatic knowledge, but probably not.

Update October 2015

We hear the Shane Bissett, the Marketing Director at the time of our forecast, left abruptly about one month ago, so we were correct, but got the timing slightly wrong; either that, or it took the Royal Mint a long time to get around to following our “advice”. We have as yet been unable to find the name of his replacement on the RM website.


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