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Close Project 1974 Gold Krugerrand

Tax Free

Developed over Christmas and New Year 1999, before gold went tax free on 1st January 2000 this site has grown massively over the years and now contains over 6,000 pages.


Our live gold prices page receives over 7,000 visits a day and shows up first if you search Google for the generic word ‘gold’.


This site contains all tax free gold including half sovereigns, guineas, British coins, world coins, bars, medallions and stamp replicas. The most popular coins are still Krugerrands and Sovereigns but please check our special offers for our current best deal.

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Close Project 2009 Silver Britannia

Our original site, but no longer our only site!

As this site was originally our only site it contains a wide variety of product lines.

Coins, Silver Bullion, Diamonds, Gold Jewellery…

It would be impossible for us to list all of our products here, has over 4,000 pages and still doesn’t manage it!

If in doubt, try it out! is probably the best starting point if you are not sure which site to look on. If it doesn’t contain the product you require it will point you in the right direction.

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Close Project 2012sovereigngoldproofrev400

Gold Sovereigns

Gold sovereigns are so popular in the UK that we gave them a site of their own.

Investment, bullion, gift, collectors, jewellery…

Sovereigns mean many different things to many different people. We have individual coins, collections, and quantities available for sale.


Probably the most information about sovereigns you can find in one place. Our information pages can help with history, grading, identifying fakes, die numbers, and even upside down heads!

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Close Project Coloured Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds

Increasing in popularity all the time, we have stocked coloured diamonds for over ten years.

Pink, Blue, Yellow…

We have created a site for every colour of diamond, this site is an index for all of those.

Natural or Enhanced?

Most colours are available as a natural colour and colour enhanced. All of these diamonds are natural diamonds – it is just the colour that may be enhanced – the colours tend to be more vivid in the enhanced and they are usually cheaper.

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Close Project 9ctscrapgoldpileadj

Buying Gold

Chard have been buying and selling gold for over 40 years, making us far more experienced than most postal gold companies, including Tesco!

Best Price

Not only will we give you our best price first time, we are also quoting you one of the best prices to be found. We pay at least 85% of the intrinsic gold value for hallmarked gold – 50% more than some of our less reputable competitors.

Scrap Gold?

We are happy to make an offer on any and all gold items, including watches, jewellery, coins, medals and medallions

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Close Project logo

2012 Sovereign

As 2012 is the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a new reverse design has been produced for the sovereign range.

Unique Design

The one year only design is a new interpretation of St George and the Dragon created by British sculptor, Paul Day.

The Range

We are stocking the uncirculated sovereign and half sovereign and the gold proof sovereign, half, quarter and five coin set. All at extremely competitive prices.

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Close Project Euro 50 Cent Coin

Euro Coins

We have official Euro coins for most of the countries in the Eurozone, including the recently joined Malta.


We also have euro coins for countries not in the Eurozone, including the U.K.!


The majority of our coins are dated 2002, can you guess why?


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Close Project Platinum Jewellery


Once considered by the Spanish to be worthless, the word platinum comes from the Spanish ‘platina’ meaning little silver. Platinum is now considered almost as valuable as gold.


We manufacture high quality jewellery in platinum, including diamond rings, pendants, ear-rings, and wedding rings. We are also able to supply necklaces and are looking for a supplier of bracelets.

Coins and Bars

Coins and bars are subject to VAT when new, so we only tend to stock secondary market platinum coins. Available in various different sizes, from 1/10oz to 100g.

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